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Seismic reservoir characterization

Quantitative Seismic Attibute analysis, AVO/FVO and AVA/FVA, Seismic Inversion, Fractured Reservoir characterization & Oil/Gas shale.

Formation evaluation & Reservoir Engineering

Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation, Rock Physics, Pore Pressure prediction and Reservoir and Completion Design.

Prospect and production assets evaluation

Seismic interpretation, 2D/3D modeling and geomorphologic interpretation, reserves/resources volume quantification and risk analysis.

Seismic acquisition design and processing

2D/3D/3C seismic acquisition design, Seismic data processing in time and depth, High Frequency data enhancement, 2D/3D velocity model building.

Production optimization

Stimulation optimization, IOR/EOR studies, Nodal analysis, Economic simulations, Surface facility design & Optimization for O&G.

Well Planning & Well construction

Design Well trajectory, Offset wells analysis, Wellbore integrity analysis, BHA Design, Rig selection.

Field Development & Optimization

Location/Cluster plans, Drilling and Completion Optimization, Formation Damage Diagnostics and Remedial.


Effective and innovative solutions in Geophysics, Geology and Engineering for the Oil&Gas exploration and production


IGS means effective and innovative integrated solutions in Geophysics, Geology and ...

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Our Partners

One of IGS´s important strengths is the technical support given by his strategic alliances ....

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The quality of our work is reflected in the clients´ loyalty, that have trusted and ...

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Assets evaluation

IGS offers high experienced experts for the integral evaluation of assets from exploration and...

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